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Secure Payment

Protect buyers through a secure payment
In our store, we offer a wide range of high quality products to you at wholesale prices. For the rest of you, we use a faster delivery and safer to pay. This is a very important customer to provide a safe method of payment. So we are working hard to find customers, and to offer the payment system more secure. Secure payment method is the most secure payment platform, third. Through a secure payment, you can get different protection.

What is the security of third-party payment platform?
Secure third-party payment platform, we offer you, is one of the leading international online payment and e-money issuer, you can use more than 50 different payment cards such as credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, use AE, JCB and in some places payments debit card. You can use the escrow payments that you call, if you choose the payment method on the payment page.

How safe if I pay my order?
Payment services for brokerage VeriSign encryption, the encryption technology is commercially available high protection. We guarantee that the information will be placed on your credit card. Payment is only released to the supplier, if you have received your order you confirm delivery. You can wear any stage check transport conditions.

1 privacy
All transactions are subject to third-party payment platform safely. The payment system safer on the secure payment only released to us after you have received your purchase and delivery confirmation. It is quite safe to say that your online payments. Make sure not to make the information publicly available.

2. What forms of payment in our store can accept?
1) Views
2) MasterCard

How can I pay my orders with credit cards?
To order by credit card payment, you will be redirected to a secure payment page. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Enter your card number. Then enter the required information and click on "payment".

Buyer is our guarantee to you. All your payment our affirmative.
If the payment is approved, your money is held in an escrow account. Payment is only released to us after you confirm satisfactory delivery.

How can I track my order?
After the delivery, we give (Are you sure your email is correct, our e-mail is very convenient). It is delivered via email. You can follow the website of the courier to each step of your package delivery.

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